Who is the FBI agent talking to Archie? (2024)

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Who is the FBI agent talking to Archie?

Biography. Adams first appears when he meets Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews
Archibald "Archie" Andrews is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by KJ Apa. During his youth, Archie was both a budding musician and a Riverdale Bulldog, though he struggled to main the two. His team number was number nine, given to him by Coach Clayton.
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and introduces himself as an FBI agent. The two take a walk in the park and Adams explains that he is in charge of investigating the criminal activities of Hiram Lodge and that he needs Archie to help him bring down the crime lord.

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Is agent drake tbk in Riverdale?

Agent Jillian Drake is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Sophia Tatum. Agent Drake is an FBI agent who specializes in strange phenomenons. She transfers over to the Trash Bag Killer case in Riverdale, where she works alongside Betty, who she instantly begins to develop an attraction to.

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What episode does Archie tell Hiram about FBI?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 13 of "Riverdale," titled "The Tell-Tale Heart." Some eagle-eyed "Riverdale" fans saw Wednesday's twist coming weeks before it even happened. On the latest episode of the hit CW show, Archie learns that the FBI agent he's been reporting to is no FBI agent at all.

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Did Archie plant the bug?

When Agent Adams presses Archie to place a bug in Hiram's office, Archie instead tells Hiram that he had been secretly working with the FBI for weeks but had not told them anything, and that he had smashed the bug with a hammer.

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What happened to Glen on Riverdale?

Murdered in Rivervale

He lures Glen to Rivervale, stages him as TBK, and pushes Betty to her limit, to where she grabs a pair of scissors and unknowingly stabs Glen multiple times. After realizing what she's done, Betty buries him under the Cooper house.

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Who is the identity of TBK?

The Trash Bag Killer was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Doug Chapman. Also known as TBK, he is a migrating serial killer who Betty encountered while working as a trainee for the FBI.

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Who is the actor of TBK Riverdale?

Role. Doug Chapman is a Canadian actor and stunt performer. He portrays Trash Bag Killer on The CW's Riverdale.

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Is the FBI agent Betty's brother?

Betty is the younger maternal half-sister of Charles. Their relationship is progressing. They spent a lot of time working together over the summer while investigating The Farm with their mother Alice working undercover.

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Who is Hiram Lodge's daughter?

Veronica Lodge — Veronica is the daughter of Hiram and Hermione Lodge, the half-sister of Hermosa and the girlfriend of Archie Andrews.

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Who is Hiram Lodge's first daughter?

Hermosa is the oldest child and first born daughter of Hiram Lodge.

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Why did they burn Jughead's hat?

Betty ceremonially burned the beanie with Archie and Veronica to fake Jughead's death, and then immediately knitted him a new one to wear upon his revival.

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Who did Archie get framed for?

At the end of the Riverdale season two finale we saw Archie Andrews getting arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock (played by Harrison Macdonald). However, we know sweet Archie didn't actually kill Cassidy — clearly, he was framed by Hiram Lodge after Archie confronted Veronica's dad over Cassidy's death.

Who is the FBI agent talking to Archie? (2024)
Who framed Archie in Riverdale?

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for Cassidy's murder. However, unbeknownst to many in the courtroom, Cassidy was actually killed by Andre.

Who is the father of Toni's baby in Riverdale?

Anthony Topaz is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Zara Antwi. Anthony is the biological child of Toni Topaz and Fangs Fogarty, and child of Kevin Keller. According to Tabitha, Anthony did not die from Percival's death of firstborns plague because he's immortal.

What happened to Betty's baby in Riverdale?

Desperate to have a child of her own, Betty conspired with Cheryl and the town of Rivervale to sacrifice Archie to the Maple Maiden. And while she managed to conceive, her child was later taken from her womb by La Llorona.

Who is Betty's FBI boyfriend?

Glen Scot was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Greyston Holt. Glen was an FBI agent, who had a romantic relationship with Betty, which she ended when she returned to Riverdale.

Who is Betty's secret brother?

Yes, Charles is really Betty and Jughead's biological half brother, and just like Betty, he was cursed with the "serial killer gene." Technically, monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) is a real thing, and has been linked to aggressive behavior, but it's not like everyone who has it is the subject of a My Favorite Murder episode.

Who is Jason's twin in Riverdale?

Jason was the son of Clifford and Penelope Blossom, as well as the twin brother of Cheryl Blossom.

Is Jughead Betty's brother?

14 They Share A Half-Brother

Just when we thought that Betty and Jughead's romantic relationship could not get any weirder, we find out that they share a half-sibling.

Who does Cheryl Blossom end up with?

After escaping, Cheryl begins a relationship with Toni Topaz, thus joining the Southside Serpents gang in the season finale. Cheryl and Toni then proceed to move in together at Thistlehouse, the Blossom residence. In season three, her relationship with Toni progresses further, and she is confirmed as a lesbian.

Who is Percival Pickens?

Percival Pickens is a major antagonist in the CW soap opera Riverdale, serving as the main antagonist in the sixth season and the unseen overarching antagonist of the seventh season. He is a powerful sorcerer who came from a parallel universe called Rivervale, but came to Riverdale seeking to rule it.

Is Betty an FBI agent Riverdale?

Becoming an FBI trainee, Betty returned to Riverdale to help Archie stop Hiram Lodge's corruption, but also focused on investigating the Lonely Highway killings. She discovered that Polly was dead, and that several Blossoms living the woods and were committed the murders.

Does Betty quit the FBI?

Betty's still a FBI agent, she didn't quit her job. She just turned down co-running the serial killer task force in DC.

Why did chic pretend to be Charles?

Chic impersonated Charles in order to get close to the Cooper family. He first met Alice and Betty when they came to visit him at the hostel. He would later move in with the Coopers in Riverdale, spending much of his time getting to know Alice and Betty especially.

Is Polly Betty's twin?

Polly Cooper was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She was portrayed by Tiera Skovbye. Polly is Betty's older sister and Jason Blossom's wife, with whom she has two children, Juniper and Dagwood.

Who does Veronica Lodge marry in Riverdale?

Who is Chad Gekko? Chad is Veronica's husband post-time jump and, upon meeting him at the beginning of season five episode four, we learn that the couple is celebrating their one year anniversary.

Who is Hiram Lodge wife?

Lodge is a fictional character in the Archie Comics. He is married to Hermione Lodge and they have a daughter, Veronica Lodge.

Who is Veronica Lodge boyfriend?

Image of Who is Veronica Lodge boyfriend?
Archibald "Archie" Andrews, created in 1941 by publisher John L. Goldwater and artist Bob Montana in collaboration with writer Vic Bloom, is the main character in the Archie Comics franchise, including ...

Who is Veronica Lodge's ex husband?

Chadwick "Chad" Gekko was a guest starring character on The CW's Katy Keene. He was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was initially portrayed by Reid Prebenda but was later recast as Chris Mason during the fifth season of Riverdale. Chad was a Wall Street businessman and Veronica Lodge's ex-husband.

Who is Veronica Lodge's cousin?

Veronica's cousin Harper is a successful fashion designer, children's book author and advice column writer.

Who was Hiram Lodge killed?

Hiram is allegedly assassinated by hitman Anatol in "Chapter One Hundred and One: Unbelievable" behind Veronica's order.

Why does Jughead always wear an S?

Bertholet has stated that the "S" insignia refers to a location called Skunk Hill in Haverhill, Massachusetts which Montana turned into Squirrel Hill. The "S" alludes to a combination of the location and Montana's elementary school athletic team near Haverhill called the Tigers.

Why did Betty strip for Jughead?

Let us explain. In this week's all-new episode of Riverdale, "Chapter 21: House of the Devil," Betty was determined to find a way to stay close to Jughead so that she could keep a protective eye over her boyfriend as he wades deeper into those "snake-infested waters."

Did Penny cut off Jughead's tattoo?

She remarks that while he is a true hero, his sacrifice was for nothing because come morning, Riverdale as Jughead knows it will cease to exist. The Ghoulies then hold Jughead down as Penny gets her pound of flesh by cutting off his Serpent tattoo.

Why did they sacrifice Archie?

Archie Andrews was sacrificed by the townspeople of Rivervale after being crowned Maple King in order to restore the town's good fortune. However, he later resurrected and strangled several of his friends, including Narrator Jughead, Cheryl, and Veronica, in an effort to be reunited with his late father.

Who does Archie really love?

After 67 Years, Archie Chooses Veronica In the first of a six-issue series, the longest-running love triangle in comics history appears to come to an end: Archie Andrews proposes — not to Betty, the blond girl next door, but to Veronica, the dark-haired beauty and Riverdale's rich girl.

Did Betty shoot Archie?

Archie attempts to kill Jughead but, in a not so surprising turn of events, Betty shoots her fiancé in the head in order to save Jug's life.

Who will Archie marry in Riverdale?

Archie and Cheryl plan to tie the knot in Episode 4

As can be seen in the promotional clip for Riverdale Episode 4, Archie and Cheryl are planning to get married, which is what they tell everyone around them.

How is Archie proven innocent?

Within hours, the fingerprint analysis proved Archie's innocence and seven days later he was released after all his convictions were vacated and charges dismissed. Archie will appear on the season premiere of “America's Got Talent” tonight on NBC at 8 PM ET/7 PM CST. Watch his story below or on Facebook.

Who is the serial killer in Archie Comics?

Black Hood
The Black Hood
Created byHarry Shorten
In-story information
Alter ego(Archie Comics) Matthew Burland Thomas "Kip" Burland Gregory Hettinger (DC Comics) Mateo Burland
Team affiliationsThe Mighty Crusaders
16 more rows

Why is Kevin baby Anthony's dad?

Toni gave birth to Anthony as a surrogate mother for Fangs and Kevin, but by the time the baby was born Fangs and Kevin had broken up, leading to Fangs and Toni deciding to raise the child together.

Who is Polly's baby in Riverdale?

Juniper and Dagwood Blossom are recurring characters on The CW's Riverdale. Juniper is portrayed by Alix West Lefler. Dagwood is portrayed by Bentley Storteboom. Juniper and Dagwood are the twins of Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom, with Juniper being the youngest by three minutes.

Why did Toni marry Fangs?

Marriage of Convenience — Toni proposes to Fangs to strengthen their custody claim, but pretends to Fangs that it's sincere. This is later changed as Toni wants to marry out of love.

What episode does Betty lose her baby?

"The Born Identity" is the 21st episode in the third season, the 62nd episode overall, of the American dramedy series Ugly Betty, which aired on May 7, 2009.

Did Betty's husband remarry?

Allan remarried during the trial of Candace Montgomery.

However, his second marriage did not last, and his two daughters, Alisa and Bethany, reportedly fell under the custody of Betty's parents.

Who does Betty marry in Riverdale?

When he passed, Archie kissed Betty and asked her to marry him. She told him they were too young but to ask again when they are 18 and that she'd say yes.

Does Betty's mom marry Edgar?

Betty reveals that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but everyone is well aware. There are no secrets at the Farm.

Who is Betty Cooper's real dad?

Harold "Hal" Cooper was a recurring character and the hidden, secondary antagonist of the second season of The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Lochlyn Munro. Hal is the father of Betty and Polly Cooper, as well as the ex-husband of Alice Smith, with whom he used to edit and co-own the Riverdale Register.

Is Betty's mom an FBI agent?

So, Betty's mother was revealed as a secret FBI agent (honestly, not even the wildest thing to happen on this show) who was part of Edgar Evernever's cult in order to try to break him. What Betty's long-lost brother Charles (a fellow FBI agent and the child of FP Jones and Alice Cooper, so …

Who is the fake FBI agent Riverdale?

Arthur Adams, also known as Agent Adams, is a supporting antagonist in the second season of the CW series Riverdale. He is a fake FBI agent who actually works as a capo for Hermione Lodge and who was tasked to pressure Archie Andrews in order to test his loyalty. He was portrayed by John Behlmann.

Is the FBI agent in Riverdale Betty's brother?

Betty is the younger maternal half-sister of Charles. Their relationship is progressing. They spent a lot of time working together over the summer while investigating The Farm with their mother Alice working undercover.

Who is the villain in Riverdale Season 6 cast?

There's a new big bad in Riverdale, and his name is Percival Pickens. Played by Chris O'Shea, the character made their Riverdale debut during the sixth episode of season 6 in March 2022. Although his intentions in the town were a mystery at first, fans braced themselves for something sinister from the new citizen.

Who is Kevin's dad Riverdale?

Thomas "Tom" Keller is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Martin Cummins. He is the father of Kevin Keller and the re-instated sheriff of Riverdale.

Is Agent Smith really Betty's brother?

Chic could be involved, but for now all that we've learned is the fact that he's not Betty's brother at all. Betty's real brother, Charles Smith, apparently died when he and Chic got in a fight. Chic then didn't have to try very hard to pretend to be anyone at all.

Is Alice working for the FBI in Riverdale?

This one is a relief. Alice Cooper isn't brainwashed by the farm after all. She's working with the FBI to bust the cult's leader, Edgar Evernever, for harvesting the organs of people who join the farm.

Who is Hiram's other daughter?

Hermosa Lodge is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Mishel Prada. She is Hiram's illegitimate daughter and Veronica's half-sister.

Does Archie get Betty pregnant?

Betty and Cheryl lure Archie to Thornhill, where the townspeople await. If they want their maple trees to thrive and for Rivervale to have a bountiful year, then a sacrifice has to be made. Betty is pregnant with Archie's child, and in 25 years, he'll be crowned the Maple King, just like his dad.

Who is Jughead's girlfriend in season 6?

Tabitha Tate/Season 6.

Why is Betty always wearing sunglasses in Riverdale?

Each of these abilities comes with a shortfall, however: Betty suffers debilitating headaches and sensitivity to light that causes her to wear sunglasses at almost all times; Archie can be injured by a rare metal called Palladium, not unlike Superman's sensitivity to Kryptonite; and while Jughead can hear people's ...

Is season 6 the last of Riverdale?

Expect to see new faces in Riverdale in the seventh and final season.

Who killed Hiram Lodge's dad?

The other version had Veronica and Archie entombing Hiram in wet cement in the building's foundation of one of his construction sites. Hiram is allegedly assassinated by hitman Anatol in "Chapter One Hundred and One: Unbelievable" behind Veronica's order.

Who is the twins father in Riverdale?

Dagwood is portrayed by Bentley Storteboom. Juniper and Dagwood are the twins of Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom, with Juniper being the youngest by three minutes.

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