What stock to invest in gta 5 jewel heist? [Solved] (2022)

How do you get the most money in the jewel store heist?

For maximum cash, the best choice is the Smart approach with Karim Denz for the driver, Rickie Lukens for the hacker, and Packie McReary for the gunman, rewarding Michael with well over $1.2M. For efficiency, use Eddie Toh for the driver, Paige Harris as the hacker and Patrick McReary as the gunman.... read more ›

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What is the best option for the jewelry heist?

Heist 1: The Jewel Store Job

Using Rickie Lukens as your hacker will give you more time in the store, allowing you to grab all the jewelry. Packie McCreary is the best option for your Gunman. He will perform the same as the others but costs less money.... continue reading ›

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When should I invest in Vangelico stock?

Vangelico stock will plummet after The Jewel Store Job, but will partially rebound after completion of Minor Turbulence. Buying stock at its reduced price prior to completing this mission can yield an approximate 42.57% return on investment.... see more ›

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Who should I pick for the Jewel Heist GTA 5?

Heist 1: The Jewel Store Job

On the first heist, the Jewel Store Job, choose Option B (Smart). Take Rickie Lukens as your hacker. Other hackers may give you more time, but he will give you the perfect amount of time for this heist.... view details ›

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What should I invest in before the FIB heist?

Summary: Prior to « The Multi-Target Assassination » have all your characters invest into Debonaire (DEB) Cigarettes, Redwood's rival, until your return on investment is around 100% (highest possible is 103.27%).... continue reading ›

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What heist makes the most money GTA 5?

The Diamond Casino Heist is by far the highest-paying mission in GTA Online. The payout adds up to $10.34 million on normal difficulty, and it can go up to $11.37 million if the heist on hard difficulty.... view details ›

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What's better freighter or offshore?

You have to protect the helicopter from attackers while flying towards offshore. Both methods would not give you any reward money. It really doesn't matter what you choose as long as you prefer it. If you like sniping, a freighter is a way to go, but if flying is your thing, offshore might be the better option.... continue reading ›

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What happens if you don't help Tracey GTA 5?

If Michael chooses not to help Tracey, she will be angry and shout that she will have to find someone else to help her out, before she hangs up. Some in-game hours later, Michael receives a text saying: I had to pay sum dudes to beat that dude.... read more ›

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How do you set up a jewelry store heist?

Heist Objectives
  1. Get in the car. ( Michael)
  2. Go to the jewelry store. ( Michael)
  3. Go to the roof. ( Franklin)
  4. Throw the BZ Gas into the air vent. ( Franklin)
  5. Steal the jewelry. ( Michael)
  6. Follow the crew. ( Franklin)
  7. Take out the cops before getting to the rendezvous point. ( Michael)
  8. Go to the lockup. ( Michael)
Jan 10, 2019
... see more ›

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What should I invest in the beginning of GTA 5?

Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET) can reach an 80% ROI, Façade (FAC) a 160% ROI, Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) a 300% ROI, Vapid (VAP) a 20% ROI, and Gold Coast Construction (GDC) a 180% ROI. Each of these stocks provides valuable returns for completing specific assassination missions.... read more ›

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When should I invest in LifeInvader GTA 5?

When should I invest in LifeInvader? Buy LifeInvader (LFI) when it bottoms out after mission where you kill CEO. Buy Vangelico (VEG) after it drops from when you robbed it.... see details ›

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Does LifeInvader buy stock?

Because players can invest in Lifeinvader stock before this mission it's important to either invest a small amount to minimize losses or be comfortable with the risk of taking a hit. Once the player commits to this mission the stock will drop in value meaning anything invested is going to be lost.... continue reading ›

What stock to invest in gta 5 jewel heist? [Solved] (2022)

Should I pick smart or loud?

The Smart approach is the best approach for this heist. You will take in more money because you will have less to deal with in the shop. Here are both approaches in more detail to help you decide: Choosing the Smart approach means Franklin will throw knockout gas in the ventilation system.... read more ›

How old is Franklin GTA 5?

Franklin Clinton was born in 1988, which would make him 24 or 25 in GTA 5 and 32 or 33 in GTA Online's The Contract.... see details ›

What should I invest in before the second Lester mission?

The Construction Assassination

For this mission, you will need to buy GoldCoast (GCD) stocks before you take the mission. Once it is completed, sell the stocks after they rise on the LCN to about 80% return percentage.... read more ›

Do LifeInvader stocks recover?

Stock. Unlike Lester's other assassination missions, where the targeted company's stock will eventually rebound to its former levels, with great potential for the player's profit, Lifeinvader stock never recovers throughout the course of the story mode.... read more ›

Should you invest before The Big Score?

Invest all money in it prior to completing "Meltdown", then quickly complete the mission "The Big Score". After completing "The Big Score" FlyUS stock should yield a 100% return; invest all money made from "The Big Score" in it. Wait for FlyUS stock to yield a 158% return, then sell all of it.... view details ›

Is the Doomsday heist worth it?

The Doomsday Heist is worth a lot of money. The heist comes with difficulty modifiers, challenge bonuses and other modifiers.... see details ›

Can you solo casino heists?

Can I do casino heist alone? You can run it alone or with up to three friends (or random other players). Your mission is to infiltrate the guarded location and make off with evidence as well as art, gold and drug money.... continue reading ›

What heists pay the most?

The Diamond Casino Heist - Cash ($2,115,000 - $2,326,500)

The Diamond Casino Heist offers by far the biggest pay-out of all of the game's heists, but just how big is dependent on what is in the target vault.... see details ›

What did Trevor steal from Merryweather?

Choosing Offshore requires the completion of two missions before The Merryweather Heist: Cargobob and Minisub. When you're ready, Trevor must steal a cargobob so they can transport the Submersible to the ocean.... see details ›

How do I start the Trevor heist?

After you cut to Trevor select the phone from his inventory and access the Trackify app. You can now start submersing. Swim towards the sea bottom and follow the red dot that you can see on the smartphone's display.... view details ›

What is the second heist in GTA 5?

The Merryweather Heist is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the second heist mission in the game that protagonists Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton execute and the first to also involve Trevor Philips.... view details ›

What happens if you dont save Jimmy?

The player can choose whether to assist Jimmy. If the player refuses this mission, Michael will have to pay $9,500 in ransom money.... see details ›

What happens if you don't help Amanda?

If Michael does not help Amanda, she will say that he is gonna pay for the lawyers fees. Michael then loses money and he will get a text from Amanda reading that she is mad at him and she took money from Michael's account to pay the fees.... view details ›

What happens if you don't take out Dr Friedlander?

Outside the office, Friedlander will enter his car and the player will have the option to kill him or let him escape. Kill Him - Friedlander will drop $2023 and an internet news article will confirm his death.... see more ›

How much money does Franklin get from the jewelry heist?

I got all the bags in the first heist and netted something like 600k for Michael and 150k for franklin. I picked an experienced crew so i think they took around 30%, meaning the total payout was probably 1 million or so.... view details ›

What stocks should I invest in GTA 5?

GTA 5 Stock Market and Assassinations list
MissionInvestment BeforeSell at return of
The Hotel AssassinationBetta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)80-200%
The Multi Target AssassinationDebonaire (LCN)300-400%
The Vice AssassinationFruit Computers (BAWSAQ)20-40%
The Bus Assassination-100%
1 more row
Nov 4, 2021
... see details ›

How do you make eCola stock go up?

Play through the story missions until you reach “Friend Request,” the first mission Lester gives to Michael, where you go after Jay Norris, the founder of Lifeinvader. Before you start this mission, build up enough money to buy shares of eCola.... see details ›

How do you do the stock market glitch in GTA 5?

Using this glitch, purchase stocks in eCola, save your game and shut off autosave. Go to the pier and shoot the Sprunk vending machines. Let the vending machines respawn and shoot them again. Go back to Michael's house and rest 3 or 4 times.... read more ›

What stocks does Lester tell you to buy?

GTA 5: Stock market investment guide for Lester's Assassinations
  • Stock to purchase: Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
  • Stock to purchase: Debonaire (LCN)
  • Stock to purchase: Fruit Computers (BAWSAQ)
  • Stock to purchase: Vapid from BAWSAQ (only after completing the mission)
  • Stock to purchase: Gold Coast Development (LCN)
Aug 6, 2021
... see details ›

Is Rickie good in GTA 5?

Rickie is one of the five available hackers in The Diamond Casino Heist. He is the worst available hacker, and he has the lowest cut out of all hackers, and also out of all the crew members overall, at only 3%. He is the only hacker classified as 'poor'.... continue reading ›

Is Franklin CJ's son?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that GTA 5's Franklin is the son of CJ from GTA San Andreas. Regardless, many GTA 5 fans look up this question. CJ isn't present in GTA 5 (in an official capacity), and he doesn't have many similarities to Franklin.... see details ›

How old is Trevor?

Trevor Phillips was born in the Canadian border region of America on November 14, 1967, which makes him 46 years old in 2013 (The year GTA 5 is based in).... read more ›

How old is Jimmy GTA 5?

Jimmy De Santa
Jimmy De Santa (James)
Appearance(s):Grand Theft Auto V
Date of birth:1993 (age 29 in 2022)
10 more rows

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