What is the most famous Chinese brand? (2024)

What is the most popular Chinese brand?

With a value of $204.38 billion, tech giant Tencent takes the crown as the most valuable brand in China, according to the 2022 Kantar BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands ranking.

What are some famous Chinese brands?

Alibaba Group, ByteDance, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Hisense, Haier, One Plus, Vivo, Shein, and Tencent lead the Top 50 list.

What is the most expensive brand of China?

Shanghai-listed Kweichow Moutai was the most valuable Chinese brand for a fifth straight year, according to the 2022 Hurun Brands List.

What are the rising Chinese brands?

Heytea and Nayuki, for example, are giving Starbucks a run for their money in the beverages segment in China. Li Ning and Anta are catching up on Nike and Adidas in sportswear. And Perfect Diary, Herborist and Proya are making big market share gains in the domestic cosmetics and skincare segments.

What are 3 famous Chinese brands?

The Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2022
Rank 2022BrandCategory
1TencentMedia and Entertainment
4DouyinMedia and Entertainment
6 more rows
Aug 25, 2022

What products are China most famous for?

The great bulk of China's exports consists of manufactured goods, of which electrical and electronic machinery and equipment and clothing, textiles, and footwear are by far the most important. Agricultural products, chemicals, and fuels are also significant exports.

What is the largest clothing brand in China?

Hailan Home tops the ranking with 20.18 billion renminbi, or $3 billion, in revenue last year. Founded 25 years ago, the group owns a dozen brands catering to different groups of consumers who mainly reside in lower-tier cities in China. As of September 2021, the group operated 7,537 stores worldwide.

Does China have any luxury brands?

In a just-completed global analysis of the top 100 largest luxury goods companies by Deloitte for 2021, China is now the headquarters to 11 of the leading luxury companies, including new entrants Lanvin Group and ICCF Group.

What is the largest Chinese company in the world?

Largest Chinese companies by market capitalization
1Tencent 1TCEHY$43.50 2.49%
2Kweichow Moutai 2600519.SS$264.77 0.80%
3Alibaba 3BABA$96.90 0.70%
4ICBC 41398.HK$0.47 0.27%
56 more rows

What brands do Chinese people like?

In China, mature luxury buyers differentiate themselves from entry-level buyers by showing their understanding of the luxury market. For example, the discerning consumer would go for popular brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, she said. “That's more important than searching for identity,” she added.

What is the best selling thing in China?

Smartphones are one of the most popular products in China, and the demand for them has been increasing steadily. The top-selling brands in China in 2023 include Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

Does China make any high quality products?

Factories in China sometimes churn out cheap, poor-quality products. But many are indeed capable of manufacturing products that are both high tech and high quality. In fact, many importers continue to find success sourcing products from China, even as manufacturing wages continue to climb there.

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