Is what 3 words a good investment? (2023)

Is What 3 words on the stock exchange?

what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique address made from 3 words. Now people can refer to any precise location – a delivery entrance, a picnic spot or a drone landing point – using three simple words.

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What company owns what3words?

What3words is a proprietary geocode system designed to identify any location with a resolution of about 3 metres (9.8 ft). It is owned by What3words Limited, based in London, England.

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How is what3words funded?

what3words is free for anyone to use via our app and online map. We make money by charging some businesses that benefit commercially from using our products. For example, what3words built into Mercedes-Benz's cars improves the customer experience for its drivers.

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What are three word shareholders?

what3words is owned by its founders, employees and investors, including Intel Capital, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Innovation Fund, Subaru, Aramex, Deutsche Bahn, Ingka Investments, ITV AdVentures Invest and Channel 4 Ventures.

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How much is what3words worth?

what3words valuation
2017£30 million
2018£140 million
2020£250 million

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Does what3words cost?

Our Website and Apps are made available free of charge to use (whether for personal use or for business use). We want people to be using 3 word addresses as a way of communicating location.

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Can Google Maps use what three words?

Tapping the Google Maps API, What3words serves up a Web, Android and iOS app, each letting you search for and identify locations based around, well, three words. It's touted as a new universal address system, designed to make it easier, and more accurate, to describe exact locations anywhere on Earth.

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Does What 3 words work at sea?

Every 3m square of the world's seas and oceans have what3words addresses in English and in Korean. All other what3words languages cover land and coastline areas only.

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What are the three words crowdfunding?

what3words is the easiest way to find and share exact locations. We have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. Millions of people use what3words and the company is backed by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Intel Capital.

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Why is what3words better than GPS?

They are easier to remember, and quicker and easier to say over the phone, or to enter into a device or navigation system by voice or text. what3words has error-prevention technology which helps users quickly identify and correct input mistakes.

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Does What 3 words work without signal?

Without phone signal, the app functions the same as when you have no data connection: you can view the location of any what3words address you enter. You can also navigate to it using compass mode. To share a what3words address over the phone or in a text message you need phone signal.

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What is the point of what3words?

What3words divides the world into three-metre squares and gives each one a unique three-word address in order for people to be easily found in emergencies, and to give the billions of people without a formal address access to one for the first time.

Is what 3 words a good investment? (2023)
Who uses what3words in the UK?

Please note, what3words is accepted by over 80% of UK emergency services. While it is used by some services in other countries, use is not yet widespread outside of the UK. In an emergency, you should call 999 and give the call handler the what3words address for where help is needed.

Can you make money from crowdcube?

A number of businesses on the Crowdcube platform have shared any annual profits by making dividend payments to their shareholders; these include the likes of fea, Parcel2Go, Foxize, EFS and Beara Beara.

How many countries use what3words?

Kiribati is the eight country to adopt what3words as an addressed standard, along with Mongolia, Sint-Maarten, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Tonga, Nigeria and Solomon Islands.

Does the AA use what3words?

AA customers can now provide their what3words address during a breakdown to help identify their location faster.

What is the three-word controversy?

U.K.-based What3Words divides the entire world into three-meter squares and labels each with a unique three-word phrase. The idea is that sharing three words is easier to share on the phone in an emergency than having to find and read out their precise geographic coordinates.

What are Clare Jones three words?

Clare is the Chief Commercial Officer of what3words; prior to this, her background was in the development and growth of social enterprises and in impact investment. Clare was featured in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list for technology and is involved with London companies tackling social/environmental challenges.

Is what3words better than Google Maps?

Google Maps is a tool for navigation, public transport and for looking up POIs. what3words has a very different function – it's an easy way to communicate exact locations, whether that's spoken over the phone or into a car voice navigation system, or typed into a taxi app or a website checkout page.

Can I use what3words on my laptop?

If you're on a desktop computer, you can install an extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that allows you to type a what3words address into the browser search bar directly.

How is what3words different from a pin?

How is what3words different to sharing a pin? A location pin is impossible to describe over the phone or radio, to write down, or to enter into a speech recognition system. what3words offers a more flexible way to pass location information between people and machines or devices, online or offline.

What are the three word trackers?

what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Now you can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words. - Guide people to accessible entrances.

What are the three FAQ words?

what3words is a universal addressing system that never changes. All 3 word addresses are randomly allocated and completely fixed so they can be used both online and offline. Offline maps would quickly become irrelevant if people were making changes all the time, so addresses cannot be bought or changed.

Is crowdcube safe?

Is It Legit? Yes, Crowdfund is a safe and legitimate platform. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They also take great pains to verify the companies that use the platform to raise funds.

What are the three words in the office?

What3words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations, using a grid of the world made up of 57 trillion squares of 3 meters by 3 meters. As the company grew, they appointed Space to design their new industrial style, collaborative office in Notting Hill.

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