Can you do calculus on Desmos? (2024)

Can you do calculus on Desmos?

Unleash the power of differential calculus in the Desmos Graphing Calculator. Plot a function and its derivative, or graph the derivative directly. Explore key concepts by building secant and tangent line sliders, or illustrate important calculus ideas like the mean value theorem.

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What math does Desmos use?

It supports functions and inequalities; it can graph exponents and logs, trig functions, precalculus and calculus problems, and even statistics and probability. The uses of Desmos are unlimited in the math class.

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Can you do statistics in Desmos?

Desmos now provides several functions for computing statistical properties from lists of data. It is also possible to perform basic statistical tests, count combinations and permutations, and work with distributions.

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What grade level is Desmos for?

Desmos' services are designed for use by higher-ed students, K-12 students, teachers, professors, parents, math enthusiasts, video game designers, data scientists, and more.

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What grade do you learn Desmos?

Unlock a full-year of lessons and assessments for Grades 6-8 and Algebra 1.

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Are there equations in calculus?

Thus, one of the most common ways to use calculus is to set up an equation containing an unknown function y=f(x) and its derivative, known as a differential equation. Solving such equations often provides information about how quantities change and frequently provides insight into how and why the changes occur.

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Is Desmos a good graphing calculator?

Community Reviews

Desmos is an incredibly helpful tool for kids learning math. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for kids to create and manipulate graphs, functions, and equations, even if they're just starting out with math.

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What is the rule of 72 Desmos?

The rule of 72 gives an estimate of how many years, T, it will take to double an investment that pays r% compound interest per annum (per year). It gives an idea of how long it will take to double an investment.

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Is there a calculator like Desmos?'s top 5 competitors in April 2023 are:,,,, and more.

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Is Desmos calculator free?

Free Calculator Tools Account

You can create a free Desmos account using any existing email or through an existing Google account. Go to to sign up. You can use this same log-in to save work in our Graphing Calculator or Geometry Tool.

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Is there a Calc in statistics?

Despite the fact that calculus is a routine tool in the development of statistics, the benefits to students who have learned calculus are very rarely used in the statistics curriculum for undergraduate biology students.

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Does stats use Calc?

Few disciplines really need calculus based statistics. Those that do include economics, mathematical statistics and many research-heavy fields. In addition, some academic disciplines encourage (or require) a calculus background in addition to statistics.

Can you do calculus on Desmos? (2024)
Does stats have calc?

It depends on the kind of statistics. At a very basic level, one example of calculus being used in statistics involves integrating over sections of a probability distribution. This will yield the cumulative probability over those values, which is simply the area under the curve.

What is Desmos biggest number?

Here, out of curiosity, we decided to toy around with the upper limit a bit, and found that Desmos seems to top out at 9 , 999 , 999 — just one unit short millions.

How much does Desmos cost?

Desmos has a commitment to never charge for parts of our service that are currently free. Our calculators will remain free forever, as will Activity Builder and free activities available at Many of the improvements that we make for building our curriculum will also become free.

What does Desmos stand for?

History. Desmos is a web-based application that got it's start as a graphing calculator back in 2011. The name comes from the Greek word that means “link, or connection, or bond”.

In which grade do you learn calculus?

It Begins in Middle School

Students can then move on Pre-Calculus in 11th grade and Calculus in 12th grade, or they can take other options such as Statistics or Trigonometry.

What grade do students start graphing?

The common core math standards require that students draw a bar graph with a single-unit scale starting in second grade. Line plots are introduced in fourth grade. Students will begin to plot points using x and y variables in 6th grade.

Can Desmos do geometry?

The Desmos Geometry Tool is a powerful and interactive workspace that allows you to visualize and explore plane geometry through construction, measurement, transformations, and more!

Is calculus just harder algebra?

Calculus is the hardest mathematics subject and only a small percentage of students reach Calculus in high school or anywhere else. Linear algebra is a part of abstract algebra in vector space. However, it is more concrete with matrices, hence less abstract and easier to understand.

How hard is calculus?

Calculus is widely regarded as a very hard math class, and with good reason. The concepts take you far beyond the comfortable realms of algebra and geometry that you've explored in previous courses. Calculus asks you to think in ways that are more abstract, requiring more imagination.

What is the hardest math?

5 of the world's toughest unsolved maths problems
  1. Separatrix Separation. A pendulum in motion can either swing from side to side or turn in a continuous circle. ...
  2. Navier–Stokes. ...
  3. Exponents and dimensions. ...
  4. Impossibility theorems. ...
  5. Spin glass.
Feb 7, 2019

What are pros to using Desmos?

  • Quick and free to set up and run simple activities.
  • Students can demonstrate their thinking in different ways.
  • Instructors can monitor student progress easily.
  • Greater access to learning for all students.
  • Students can work at their own pace.
  • Many pre-made activities exist that can be modified.

Can a graphing calculator do calculus?

You can use your graphing calculator for algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus; you can even use it to write programs and games. If you're a student or teacher, a graphing calculator can be used in every math subject from middle school to college, as well as in science and computer classes.

What calculators are good for calculus?

However, if you are permitted to use such a gadget, we have put together a list of the top five calculus calculators.
  • TI-Nspire CX II CAS.
  • TI-84 Plus CE.
  • Casio FX115ESPLUS.
  • Casio fx-9750GII.
Feb 6, 2023

How do you type infinity on Desmos?

I know I can do it on my PC using my 10-key pad and “ALT 236” but it does not work from the keyboard numbers, and the school Chromebooks do not have 10-key pads. I found out that if you type infinity into the answer box, the infinity symbol automatically comes up. Hope this helps!

Can Desmos calculate Z score?

Normal Distribution: Use Desmos Find a Z-score Given Area Under to the Right. This video explains how to use Desmos to determine a z-score of a normal distribution given area to the right of the z-score.

What is the rule of 72 mathematician?

The Rule of 72 is a mathematical formula that estimates how long it'll take an investment to double in value or to lose half its value. To calculate the Rule of 72, you divide the number 72 by the rate of return of an investment or account.

Who made Desmos math?

Today, we welcome Eli Luberoff, founder and CEO of Desmos to the podcast. His math identity began to take shape when he was just four years old, but it didn't help him stay engaged in the k-12 curriculum. To this day, he does not have a high school diploma.

Is Desmos accurate?

Integers have limits, floating point values lose precision as they become bigger, but Desmos never seems to have issues with enormous numbers that are like hundreds of digits before their decimal point, and they still are accurate.

How do you sum a list on Desmos?

To use summation, you can find sigma in the Desmos keyboard (under FUNCTIONS and then misc) or by typing "sum": If you populate the upper and lower bound, Desmos will output the summation answer. You can also put a parameter for the upper and/or lower limits.

Do you need a calculator for Calc?

There is no doubt that without a proper calculator it is very difficult to perform calculus calculations. Advanced calculators with functions should be used to solve calculus questions.

Is Desmos easy to use?

You can check out Desmos here. It's super easy to use and much more affordable than purchasing a set of 35 graphing calculators to cover every student your classroom. As an added bonus, students can use this feature anywhere there's access to the Internet, not just in your classroom.

What is Desmos math?

Desmos is a favorite tool among math teachers – and it is fully accessible! Desmos is an advanced graphing calculator implemented as a web application and a mobile application.

Does Desmos use degrees?

Desmos can operation in radians or degrees, this is set from the coordinates dialog box available via the monkey wrench icon. Desmos also has a scientific calculator that can be set in degrees or radians.

How much is Desmos math curriculum?

Desmos has a commitment to never charge for parts of our service that are currently free. Our calculators will remain free forever, as will Activity Builder and free activities available at Many of the improvements that we make for building our curriculum will also become free.

What is better than Desmos?'s top 5 competitors in April 2023 are:,,,, and more.

Is Desmos allowed on SAT?

The built-in Desmos calculator

If you're taking the SAT digitally, you will have access to a graphing calculator built into the testing platform. The calculator on the test is nearly identical to this version, with a few minor simplifications. Learn more about the provided Desmos calculator here.

Is Desmos still free?

You can create a free Desmos account using any existing email or through an existing Google account.

How old is Desmos?

Desmos running on a web browser
Current statusOnline
Written inJavaScript
4 more rows

Does calculus use degrees?

Calculus is always done in radian measure. Degree (a right angle is 90 degrees) and gradian measure (a right angle is 100 grads) have their uses. Outside of the calculus they may be easier to use than radians.

Why is Desmos called Desmos?

The name comes from the Greek word that means “link, or connection, or bond”. Eli Luberoff founded the company as a former math and physics double major from Yale.

Does Desmos have algebra tiles?

Algebra Tiles: Equations and Expressions • Activity Builder by Desmos.

Is Desmos illustrative math?

By purchasing the Desmos Math 6-A1, your team will get access to Math 6–8 and Algebra 1 lessons that are adapted from Illustrative Math and aligned to standards, as well as district-level program support dedicated to ensuring success for coaches, teachers, students, and parents and guardians.

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